We want to dominate the market of bus and minibus connections in Central Europe together!

Connection with the LEO Express significantly strengthens our position on the Czech – Polish and Slovak transport market. It allows us to connect our minibuses with train lines from Prague and Košice and to extend the connections between Kraków, Košice and Vienna. We use our minibuses on the door-to-door LEO Express project, which is operated on the last evening train connection from Prague to Ostrava, where are passengers in Business and Premium Classes transported home for free of charge.

“TigerExpress for three years since its establishment has built a network of minibus lines in four Central European countries.  We have a lot in common with LEO Express, it is a young innovative company and I believe in its potential. I am convinced that joining forces will enable us to rapidly expand our services throughout Europe”, explained Peter Jančovič, founder of TigerExpress.